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Baby Fruit Tiramisu

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Sebastian +  Advices

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Kuroshitsuji / Ep 7 / Ciel is all better now <3
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Robin ll Resurgum



♞ :|| He both enjoyed and despised the feeling of the other man’s skin against his own. In one breath, the very feeling of holding Ciel’s small, delicate fingers between his own gave him a sense of power over the younger man. He could control him, hurt him, show him mercy, or completely destroy him. How easily he could break those thin, delicate fingers. How easily he could reduce the younger man to a writing, pain filled existence. And yet there was also a side of him that felt utterly disgusted by that touch. How soft Ciel’s hand felt in his own, how he submitted himself so easily, so willingly to destruction. Ciel believed himself better, Sebastian could see it in the way the other man held himself, and in the way he spoke. That little martyr believed he was saving his family. And for the sole fact that he was a Phantomhive, Sebastian felt nothing but disgust when he looked at him. 


He was about to turn around, about to drag the boy up the staircase toward the door that would lead them into the house, when he was stopped by the low sound of the other man’s voice. His own eyes remained locked with Ciel’s, anger boiling beneath the surface of the otherwise calm expression. He was surprised the young man had even dared to correct him, let alone do so in such a sweetly sarcastic manner. If they had been alone, Sebastian would have struck him across the mouth right then and there. But as it were, they stood in front of their driver, and he did not wish to make a scene. Not yet anyway. Instead, his fingers tightened around Ciel’s hand, making sure they squeezed his smaller fingers painfully as he jerked the young man forward. Pulling him flush against his chest, Sebastian leaned forward so that his lips brushed Ciel’s earlobe. “I didn’t give you permission to speak,” he hissed, his voice calm and measured despite the hatred he felt. “You will never correct me on anything again. Unless you want to lose your precious little tongue.”

He let Ciel go, slowly loosening his hold upon him until they no longer shared the same space. To the driver it might have seemed as if the two lovers could not wait until they were inside to enjoy each other’s company, but of course that was what Sebastian wanted. Without a word to indicate he had even said anything to the other man, Sebastian loosened his grip upon Ciel’s hand, holding him gently now as he turned around and headed up toward the door. He had shown a great measure of self control up until now, but that would all fade completely as they entered the house and closed the door behind them. It would be a long night, but instead of sharing pleasure as any newlyweds would do, he fully intended upon making it a night that Ciel would remember for a few days to come. He would be in pain and he would know his place. And just for that little correction, Sebastian would be sure he regretted what came out of his mouth most of all.

The door was unlocked in a matter of seconds, his hand slipping from Ciel’s only briefly as his fingers wrapped around the other man’s wrist instead. He pulled him into the house first, pushing him as he followed close behind. The door was shut neatly and locked and then Sebastian slowly turned around, his eyes settling upon his prize like a hungry lion might look upon a tasty morsel of meat that had fallen into his den. Without warning, Sebastian struck out, hitting Ciel right across the face. His eyes were cold as he regarded him, and there was no mercy or remorse in them as he slowly began taking off his coat and scarf, hanging them up near the door as if he had not just brutally struck the other man. He treated him as in he wasn’t there as he walked further into the house, making his way to the bar that led into the kitchen. Silently he poured himself a drink, his eyes shifting toward the younger man before he set his glass down, motioning him to come forward. “Come here Ciel.” His name was pronounced correctly this time, Sebastian’s voice taking on the deceptively sweet tone he had used just outside the car before Ciel had incited his anger. 


"Come here and give your husband a kiss." He was playing with him now. Trying to see just how much he could push Ciel and how much he would still obey. Of course he wouldn’t be losing anything if Ciel did not, since he found he took pleasure from taking his anger out on the other man. But tonight he would see just how serious Ciel had been when he agreed to do anything for the sake of his parents. 

♕ :|| Oh how he tried to swallow the bile that rose in his throat at the touch with the other’s hand. The only thing that repulsed him the most was how sweet the male was in a not so subtle way. Barely controlling himself from pulling his hand away, he tightened his grip and hid the almost revealing grimace. At the same time, he studied the raven’s reaction to his words. It could be a test of the currently still waters. He needed to know what the limits of the other was, so that he had the knowledge of which buttons he could push. Survival was crucial, Ciel needed to prove he was anything but weak. True enough, the first point of victory: the darkening of the wine-coloured eyes, anger filling those orbs. But at the same time, he felt the jolting of pain shooting up his fingers. Yet, his expression remained as placid as he could manage despite the flare of surprise when he was pulled forward.

As a natural response, his hand shot out to stabilise himself, which then cost him to touch his captor’s chest. Stiffening when he felt the light but repulsive pressure on the shell of his ear, his fingers dug into the suit Sebastian wore. He hissed lowly, tilting his head to the side so as to remove those lips on his skin. But otherwise, the bluenet understood perfectly.


Of course, Sebastian wanted to feel that he was in control. Dominance. It was his anchor in survival. Having his life spin out of control when he was only a child, it was no surprise when he depended on such. It was his sense of security, Ciel reasoned and could only wonder how deep this obsession ran. His best friend; ruined by his own family.

Wordless, he followed the businessman up the stairs and into the apartment. Just like himself, he expected Sebastian to do the same to him; to test how much he could take. Pain was an expected outcome from this contract, but to what extent Sebastian would exert his body was another question altogether. If he were right, the raven had all this planned out. He had time to think of the ways he would get his revenge, sweet slow vengeance no doubt. However the timing in which the rough treatment was dealt was unknown to Ciel. Like a puppet, he willed his body to follow the flow, to do what the raven wanted. Despite so, the unfamiliar way his body was treated had him losing his orientation for a moment and that was when a gasp left his mouth, cheek flaring with acute pain. It had came out of nowhere, leaving him wide-eyed. His body had recoiled from the force in which he was hit with and landed on the wall just by the doorway. Sapphire eyes became glazed as the pain started to subside to a constant throb but other than the sound that escaped his lips and the way his vision blurred slightly, he showed no more signs. Ciel didn’t want to go down so easily, not when he had plenty of fight left within his petite body.

Knowing that Sebastian was watching his every reaction and response with hawk-like eyes, the bluenet stilled in his movements. Adrenaline was already starting to enter his bloodstream, heart rate speeding up. It was not a good sign, especially when he was going to be the receiving end of such surprises. Taking in a deep breath, he counted to ten silently before starting to remove his shoes. This was not the end.


Just as suspected, the male spoke to him once more. An order, one that challenged him to defy. At the doorway, Ciel straightened his posture and push the pain of his cheek to the back of his mind and walked toward the voice. Already, his mind warned him to stay away from the impeding danger but there was nothing Ciel could do. No matter how disgusting, how repulsive the things he had to do, he would do them. For his parents. It might be sickening to see how loyal he was to them but his past had taught and modelled him to the way he was. His parents were his first priority however that didn’t stop him from have ulterior motives as well. What more can he do to save his parents when he was so close to their enemy?

Lots, he expected.

Frowning at the words, Ciel stopped before the raven and cocked his head as if to think what the words meant. Through his ash-coloured lashes, he meet the other’s gaze steadily and licked his lips. On the lips? Or the cheek? Surely it would be the former that the other wanted. It was downright humiliating when that was concerned. That was the whole purpose of asking him to do such a thing, was it not?

Determined, the young man smiled softly. While that didn’t reach his blue orbs, Ciel tip-toed and placed a full kiss on the lips of the other. Lingering, his tongue flicked out before darting back into his mouth and a smirk grew on his lips. He pulled back a little to give a short breather (to will himself not to do anything ridiculous) and leaned forward once more. If there was something he knew, it was how to tease people. Before this marriage, he did have a number of partners and learning was always his forte. There was no doubt he was being an imp once more. But that would mean he was not that easy to be dealt with, and that would be already a victory on his part.

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including me, of course.

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{ I miss Rachel… }

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                               ❝It has been said, ‘time  h e a l s  all wounds.
                                   I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time,
                                   the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them
                                   with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But
                                   it is never gone.❞

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