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Kuroshitsuji / CHP. 92 / The Earl Ciel Phantomhive 

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Kuroshitsuji CHP. 92 / Ciel Phantomhive 

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ρʀσɱ || demonsdeception


As soon as those words were spoken, Sebastian found himself leaning forward, his lips meeting Ciel’s and almost instantly melting into a less than innocent kiss. His arms slowly slipped from the table and the back of the booth, moving to encircle Ciel’s waist as he shifted his position. There was something about being in a bar that was a lot like being alone. Perhaps it didn’t matter who was watching, since nobody would judge you, or perhaps it was simply the fact that there were so many people around, it actually felt as if they were the only two that mattered. The music was forgotten and the nose slowly filtered out as he could only hear the small movements they made, their deep, heavy breaths as they parted for fraction of a second. He could taste the liquor in Ciel’s mouth, so much more intoxicating and sweet than it was from his glass and so much more enjoyable to drink. Oh he didn’t regret skipping that boring prom party at all, no matter what trouble they would have in the morning.

He was allowing his hormones to take control of his mind and better judgement, but he couldn’t care less at this point. He liked Ciel too much, even if they were practically strangers at this point. But that didn’t matter, and they had plenty of time to get to know each other better. He didn’t want this to be a one time thing, and he had no intention of simply ‘hooking up’ with the other boy. He fully intended to date him. With those thoughts in his mind he pulled back, taking a much needed breath as his eyes slowly opened. His tongue ran across his bottom lip, tasting the last remnant of the other boy that remained as his eyes shifted to meet Ciel’s own. “I….” He reached up to the table, lifting his glass to drink down the remaining liquid before pushing it away as soon as it was empty. “I have to say, it taste so much better from your lips.”

He had been going to say something rather revealing, something that might have been more of a confession than a simple teasing remark. But he wasn’t sure how Ciel would respond to that. So far he hadn’t showed any truly serious side of himself, and he didn’t want to scare Ciel away too quickly. It was only a date, and maybe it was only hormones and liquor influencing him. He hoped it wasn’t, and in a way he knew it was more than that, but this was the first time they had spent any amount of time together outside of school. He didn’t want to mess it up, but he knew that if he wasn’t careful he really could. His eyes shifted from Ciel to the people dancing near the middle of the bar and he turned back to the other boy, giving him a questioning look. “I’d much rather sit back here and pretend none of these other people exist, but I remember promising you a dance or two.” He motioned to Ciel’s drink. “Why don’t you finish that and then we’ll go out there and join everyone else.” 

His breath hitched as soon as he could feel the slight touch of the other’s lips. But even as he tried to control himself, the spark that the kiss created burst into flames and Ciel could hardly hold himself back. The bluenet felt himself being drawn closer to the raven as their lops moulded together. Soon enough, he had his arms wrapped around the neck, pulling Sebastian and him closer to each other. It was something he never thought much of before - kissing. He had once thought it was nothing much, probably due to hormones and irrational thoughts. But oh this was rather mind changing. In a good way, Ciel reasoned. 

The small sounds, the scent, the taste of liquor on their tongues. It was lovely. And Ciel found himself wanting more; a rare thing especially when he didn’t like people that much. Sebastian, however, had proved himself to be rather interesting throughout the time he knew the other and through the night. It would be a pity if this was the only time they were together, that wouldn’t be what he liked. Ciel liked the rave quite a bit and he was unwilling to let this die down just like that. He would, in any way he could, draw the other closer and know him more. And perhaps go one a few dates together.

Too soon, his body cried for oxygen and he had to push himself away. At least, Sebastian felt the same way. With the much needed air entering his lungs, the surroundings and the noise came back to him and make him more aware of where they were. At that, Ciel’s cheeks began to redden and he caught the teasing way how Sebastian’s tongue darted out to lick the lower lip. His eyes followed closely with the movement and he himself mimicked the action. From the tongue to the male’s neck where the Adam apple bobbed as he finished his drink, Ciel was more than mesmerised. Without any restraints, he allowed an embarrassed smile and chuckle leave him as he smacked Sebastian on his chest lightly. “You flatter me,” he replied, laughing at the thought once more.

Thank goodness though, he breathed. At least his technique wasn’t that bad in scaring the other. It had been quite some time since he engaged in any kind of activities like these. There has to be quite some learning done then. 

With thoughts interrupted, he followed the other’s gesture and nodded. “I thought it was me…” he mused, reaching out for the glass. “There has to be some good moves you can show me though.” Smirking cheekily, he pressed his lips against the glass and downed the remaining contents. After which, he stood and held his hand out. “Shall we?”

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expectingbutler whispered: A very pregnant white rabbit hides eggs all over Ciel's office and bedroom before scurrying off quickly.

A very eager young boy finds one of the eggs and consumes it immediately. (Because it was chocolate)

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Protect him or lose him: choose!

I’m in hopeless love with this fool….

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Berries on a Cloud 

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Don’t {think} about anything.

                                         Don’t f e e l anything.

                                                                          if you do it’ll



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Ciel Phantomhive + Dress

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"You were supposed to be by my side until the end.
Don't you dare leave e behind, Sebastian!"
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—-I can feel no ѕyмpαтнy for you

                  I { w o r k e d } with the cards I was dealt,
                                                      ηow work with yoυrѕ

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